The Birth of The Space-Time Trip

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The Space-Time Trip was founded on the afternoon of Thursday, March 27th, 2014. After a slow, late start to the day, I had decided to hang up my hat before even putting it on, letting my responsibilities be for the day. As I put it in my journal, “If you don’t blow off regular life sometimes, you won’t do anything else.”

An hour and a half later, I bought this domain.

10 minutes after that, I secured @spacetimetrip.

On the 10th day, I found the first clock.




And on the 23rd day, I stepped back, surveyed the scene and realized it looked like I was trying to fake the moon landing in my living room.




Clearly I was on the right track.

The idea was to combine my long-standing obsession with time and adult-onset fascination with outer space into the focus of a shop filled with items meant to enlighten the mind, enliven the spirit and make the future cool again.

Using the profits from sales of the Periodic Calendar (a new type of perpetual calendar I developed in 2012), I would sketch out my vision for The Space-Time Trip, hitting as many angles of the concept as I could with a diverse selection of unique vintage items.

Day by day and night by night, I took one small step after another, working toward the giant leap I was looking for.




And now, here I am looking up on day 53, as I handle the last of the preparations for the launch tomorrow, and can’t help but think I’ve stumbled onto something.

While I’ve only sketched out the bare bones of this concept, with the broadest of strokes and tiniest of budgets, I believe the seed of the idea is present here and would hope that you can see that this is more than just a store. It’s meant to be a showcase of ideas about the future we are forever slipping into and a call for rekindling our optimism in what lies ahead.

We can’t wait for great things to happen in the future, we must be part of making them so in the now.

I’m doing my part by putting this endeavor together, and soon the world will decide if it gets off the ground. As your humble proprietor, I invite you to join me in expanding our parameters and setting out on this journey into our unknown, unfathomable tomorrow. I promise a fun and thought-provoking ride!